As a leading company with extensive experience in designing and implementing indoor and outdoor cellular solutions, RSS has naturally evolved into experts at creating cutting-edge Wi-Fi solutions as well. Our in-depth understanding of wireless communication technologies, honed expertise in radio frequency propagation, and proficiency in network planning and optimization uniquely position us to seamlessly translate our success in cellular networks into delivering exceptional Wi-Fi solutions. Leveraging our proven track record in handling interference management, scalability, and capacity planning, we confidently offer comprehensive, reliable, and high-performance Wi-Fi solutions that cater to the diverse needs of our valued customers. With a deep commitment to innovation and a passion for delivering seamless connectivity experiences, we continue to drive excellence in both cellular and Wi-Fi technologies, empowering businesses and individuals with robust wireless solutions for today and the future.

Companies like RSS, that design indoor and outdoor cellular networks, are well-suited for designing Wi-Fi solutions due to several key reasons:

  1. Similar principles and expertise: Cellular networks and Wi-Fi networks both rely on wireless communication technologies, and they share some fundamental principles. Companies with experience in designing cellular networks have a strong foundation in understanding radio frequency (RF) propagation, interference management, network planning, and optimization, which are also essential for designing efficient Wi-Fi solutions.
  2. RF expertise: Designing effective wireless networks, whether cellular or Wi-Fi, requires a deep understanding of radio frequency behavior and how signals propagate in different environments. Companies experienced in cellular networks have honed their RF expertise, which directly applies to Wi-Fi design as well.
  3. Network planning and optimization: Both cellular and Wi-Fi networks require careful planning and optimization to provide reliable coverage and capacity. Companies with experience in cellular network design are skilled at assessing the layout of a building or outdoor area, identifying potential dead zones or areas with weak signal strength, and optimizing network configurations for better performance – all of which are critical for Wi-Fi solutions as well.
  4. Interference management: Interference can significantly impact the performance of wireless networks. Companies familiar with designing cellular networks have expertise in dealing with various sources of interference, such as overlapping frequencies, neighboring cells, and environmental obstructions. These skills are valuable when designing Wi-Fi solutions to mitigate interference from neighboring Wi-Fi networks and other electronic devices.
  5. Scalability and capacity planning: Cellular networks often need to support a large number of users simultaneously, requiring careful capacity planning to handle heavy traffic loads. Similarly, modern Wi-Fi networks are expected to accommodate a high density of devices. Companies experienced in cellular network design can bring their knowledge of scalability and capacity planning to design robust and reliable Wi-Fi solutions that can handle multiple devices and users efficiently.
  6. Integration opportunities: In some scenarios, it is beneficial to integrate Wi-Fi and cellular technologies to provide a seamless user experience and offload traffic between the two networks. Companies with expertise in both domains can offer more comprehensive solutions that leverage the strengths of both technologies for better performance and coverage.

While the principles and challenges of cellular and Wi-Fi networks are similar, it’s important to note that there are also unique aspects to each technology. Wi-Fi networks, for instance, operate in an unlicensed spectrum and have different regulatory considerations compared to licensed cellular networks. Nevertheless, the expertise gained from designing cellular networks serves as a valuable foundation for developing efficient and reliable Wi-Fi solutions.

Our Clientele

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Why RSS?

The licensed wireless industry is intricate. Experience has been a part of Repeated Signal Solutions (RSS) from the company’s inception in 2004. Unlike our rivals, RSS has been active in the licensed wireless frequency market for 19 years and still represents the majority of our first clients nationally.

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    Financial Transparency
    The RSS methodology has been demonstrated to put everyone at ease. This approach is the result of 19 years of expertise.

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    Trust: 92%+ of Our Customers Are Recurring
    Among licensed wireless services, RSS is one of the few that puts the client first.

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    Respect and Understanding for All Stakeholders
    To ensure that each party contributes for their use case, our process supports the creation of budgets for each group’s allocation of the system.

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    Total Solution Experience
    We offer end-to-end life cycles with the standard carriers SLAs starting at 10 years as part of our solutions.

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RSS’ mission is to act on behalf of our customers and provide innovative methodologies and detailed solutions that meet their wireless coverage challenges. We strive to provide value propositions based upon ethical business approaches with a high level of transparency and communication which builds mutual trust, respect and a basis for replicable results in our products and services delivery.

Pete Bohley, President of RSS