Private LTE/5G

When it comes to the planning and execution of Private LTE/5G using CBRS frequencies, Repeated Signal Solutions is at the forefront of professional expertise in the industry. With an unwavering commitment to innovative technology and a team of knowledgeable experts, we have an in-depth understanding of the complexities involved in the development of resilient and secure networks that are customized to meet the specific requirements of our customers. Our methodology is comprehensive, spanning everything from meticulous planning to faultless execution to guarantee that our solutions will maximize network coverage, capacity, and dependability. We help our clients to harness the power of Private LTE/5G networks by leveraging our broad cellular network design knowledge and staying ahead of the innovations developed in the industry. This provides our clients’ enterprises with exceptional connectivity and seamless communication, which in turn empowers their businesses.

RSS is ideally suited for designing and implementing private LTE/5G networks due to our specialized expertise and experience in the field. We possess an in-depth understanding of cellular technologies and wireless network infrastructure, making us well-equipped to navigate the complexities involved in deploying Private 5G networks.

RSS’ experience in cellular network design underlies our proficiency in optimizing network coverage and capacity. We possess the technical know-how to strategically design Private LTE/5G systems to ensure seamless connectivity across various environments, including indoor and outdoor spaces. By leveraging our 19-year expertise in network planning and RF engineering, RSS can effectively address signal propagation challenges and mitigate interference, resulting in enhanced network performance and reliability.

Moreover, RSS is adept at working with diverse stakeholders, such as building owners, enterprises, and wireless carriers. We understand the importance of collaboration and coordination between these entities to achieve successful network deployments. By acting as intermediaries, RSS can facilitate seamless integration of Private LTE/5G networks with existing infrastructure, such as in-building systems or public cellular networks, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance.

Another significant advantage of engaging RSS is our vast knowledge of industry standards and regulations. We have stayed abreast of evolving guidelines related to spectrum allocation, licensing, and compliance, which are essential considerations in Private 5G network implementation. Our familiarity with these standards enables RSS to design and deploy networks that adhere to regulatory requirements and maximize the utilization of available spectrum resources.

Our Clientele

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Why RSS?

The licensed wireless industry is intricate. Experience has been a part of Repeated Signal Solutions (RSS) from the company’s inception in 2004. Unlike our rivals, RSS has been active in the licensed wireless frequency market for 19 years and still represents the majority of our first clients nationally.

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    Financial Transparency
    The RSS methodology has been demonstrated to put everyone at ease. This approach is the result of 19 years of expertise.

  • 2

    Trust: 92%+ of Our Customers Are Recurring
    Among licensed wireless services, RSS is one of the few that puts the client first.

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    Respect and Understanding for All Stakeholders
    To ensure that each party contributes for their use case, our process supports the creation of budgets for each group’s allocation of the system.

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    Total Solution Experience
    We offer end-to-end life cycles with the standard carriers SLAs starting at 10 years as part of our solutions.

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RSS’ mission is to act on behalf of our customers and provide innovative methodologies and detailed solutions that meet their wireless coverage challenges. We strive to provide value propositions based upon ethical business approaches with a high level of transparency and communication which builds mutual trust, respect and a basis for replicable results in our products and services delivery.

Pete Bohley, President of RSS