Why Repeated Signal Solutions

The licensed wireless industry is intricate. Experience has been a part of Repeated Signal Solutions (RSS) from the company’s inception in 2004. Unlike our rivals, RSS has been active in the licensed wireless frequency market for 19 years and still represents the majority of our first clients nationally.

What makes RSS successful?

Financial transparency

  • Wireless distributed systems are incredibly complex. With each carrier added to the same system, the complexity multiplies by eight.
  • Who is accountable for the supplementary financial burdens? Who is responsible for these incremental costs?
  • Long term budget planning
  • The RSS methodology has been demonstrated to put everyone at ease. This approach is the result of 19 years of expertise.

Trust: 92%+ of our customers are recurring

  • Among licensed wireless services, RSS is one of the few that puts the client first.
  • Our solutions satisfy carrier requirements but are not centered on carrier demands.

Respect and understanding for the position of all stakeholders

  • The implementation of solutions often involves a number of different stakeholders and financial parties, all of which require a business justification.
  • To ensure that each party contributes for their use case, our process supports the creation of budgets for each group’s allocation of the system.

Total solution experience

  • Just as carriers will need to support their investments, RSS is focused on the entire life cycle of the solution. We offer end-to-end life cycles with the standard carriers SLAs starting at 10 years as part of our solutions.

RSS manages technical requirements for each carrier on behalf of our customers. This is frequently neglected in a total solution.

Our Clientele

Explore some of the great companies that RSS has worked with.