Indoor & Outdoor Cellular Coverage

RSS is an industry leader in cellular distributed antenna systems, excelling in the design, implementation, and commissioning of both interior and outdoor systems. Our solutions are optimized for coverage and capacity. We provide multi-operator solutions that provide seamless connectivity in a variety of environments. Our team’s expertise in integrating with existing network infrastructure, adhering to regulations, and delivering superior network capacity distinguishes us as dependable industry leaders.

Cellular distributed antenna systems (DAS) deployed both indoors and outdoors have a number of similar features in common with one another from design, all the way through to commissioning. These shared features include, among others:

  1. Coverage and Capacity Optimization: The objective of both indoor and outdoor DAS is to maximize wireless coverage and distribute capacity by disseminating signals throughout a given area. They utilize a network of strategically located antennas to ensure consistent signal quality and strength.
  2. Multi-Carrier Support: Both indoor and outdoor distributed antenna systems (DAS) can be designed to support multiple cellular carriers. This enables consumers to connect to multiple networks through a single DAS infrastructure.
  3. Frequency Band Support: Both types of systems are able to support different frequency bands, which enables them to accommodate a wide range of cellular technologies. Some examples of these technologies are 4G LTE, 5G, C-band, and FirstNet, as well as the inclusion of technologies in the future. This adaptability ensures a solution that is compatible with current, and future generations of wireless technology.
  4. Network Capacity: Both types of cellular solutions are intended to increase network capacity by transferring traffic from overloaded macro-cellular networks. DAS can help enhance overall network performance and user experience by distributing traffic across a network of antennas.
  5. System Integration: Cellular solutions for both indoor and outdoor environments necessitate integration with the existing cellular network infrastructure. This requires coordination with base stations, signal sources, and backhaul connections in order to ensure seamless connectivity and network synchronization.
  6. Regulatory Compliance: To ensure compliance with spectrum utilization, power levels, and safety restrictions, both indoor and outdoor systems must adhere to appropriate regulatory rules and standards.

While each form of DAS has unique considerations and obstacles, these similarities highlight the shared goals and principles in their design and implementation for increasing cellular connectivity.

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Why RSS?

The licensed wireless industry is intricate. Experience has been a part of Repeated Signal Solutions (RSS) from the company’s inception in 2004. Unlike our rivals, RSS has been active in the licensed wireless frequency market for 19 years and still represents the majority of our first clients nationally.

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    Financial Transparency
    The RSS methodology has been demonstrated to put everyone at ease. This approach is the result of 19 years of expertise.

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    Trust: 92%+ of Our Customers Are Recurring
    Among licensed wireless services, RSS is one of the few that puts the client first.

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    Respect and Understanding for All Stakeholders
    To ensure that each party contributes for their use case, our process supports the creation of budgets for each group’s allocation of the system.

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    Total Solution Experience
    We offer end-to-end life cycles with the standard carriers SLAs starting at 10 years as part of our solutions.

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RSS’ mission is to act on behalf of our customers and provide innovative methodologies and detailed solutions that meet their wireless coverage challenges. We strive to provide value propositions based upon ethical business approaches with a high level of transparency and communication which builds mutual trust, respect and a basis for replicable results in our products and services delivery.

Pete Bohley, President of RSS